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Ladies, I'm not a pervert, was stupid enough to actually think Noory was doing something decent for a change and not just doing his usual "do anything to make a dollar except learn how to actually interview someone" If there are any women in the middle tennessee area who find subjects like aliens, ufos, quantum physics, basically anything paranormal interesting, email me at [email protected]

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When I checked out the site on June 2, there were already 35,000 members registered.Today, I received a message from someone and when I mentioned the PD website, they said they weren’t a member of PD, they were on a different dating site. I was dumbfounded and a bit miffed by this information. if you sign up for Paranormal Date, you are not just signing up for that date site and you will receive messages from people from all of those other date sites.Then it happened again, but an entirely different dating site. My profile was on all 3 of those other dating sites, sites I had NOT signed up for. If your intent is to meet people who just enjoy paranormal as you do, that may not be the case.I have been a huge fan of Coast to Coast AM for years.A while back, via their emails, C2C was singing the praises of the Paranormal Date website as a way for C2C listeners to meet other people who are also interested in the Paranormal, UFOs, ETs, etc. Who wouldn’t want to meet other like-minded people?