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Then, we take the player's input and use that to reveal the pictures on a pair of cards, and we compare the cards and remove them if they match.We also need to turn cards back to their face-down positions when a match is not found and check to see when all the pairs have been found so the game can end.Action Script can add variety, randomness, and user input and control to the mix.

To do this, we need to shuffle the deck to place the cards in a random order each time the game is played.

Flash is a vector-based animation and interactivity program that allows you to create everything from simple animations to complex interactive applications.

With its built-in programming language - Action Script - Flash is fully scriptable and can communicate with several backend database languages.

A good player is one who remembers what cards he or she sees when a match is not made and can determine where pairs are located after several failed tries.

Computer versions of matching games have advantages over physical versions: You don't need to collect, shuffle, and place the cards to start each game. It is also easier and less expensive for the game developer to create different pictures for the cards with virtual cards rather than physical ones.