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Bot de Encuestas Con este bot es sencillo crear encuestas, votar encuestas, ver los resultados,... Utiliza los comandos create, view, vote, list, menu...., el bot te irá indicando los pasos.

Spleak Añade a esta guapa chica a tu Messenger, estará conectada las 24 horas y los 7 días de la semana para ti.

Could you please correct the "about" section of Quickbot?

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Now, I'm hitting the big 4-0 this year, which is a subtle way of admitting that I'm not exactly a card-carrying member of Windows Live Messenger's target market.Agents Several current agents available on Windows Live Agents include: MSN Quickbot ([email protected]) - "Quickbot can translate nearly all European languages, feed fresh news, solve any math expression, give weather information and perform many useful functions." Edge Bot by Ford Edge ([email protected]) - "Find cool restaurants, hotspots, entertainment and more in your favorite cities from the Ford Edge Buddy." DAI2 ([email protected]) - An aritificially intelligent learning conversational bot, designed primarily for humour and amusement.Movie Scout ([email protected]) - "With Movie Scout you can find movies near you.The Dating Bot, powered by MSN Dating & Personals with, is here to help.Tell me a bit about yourself and what you're looking for, and I'll show you some possible dates." Astrology Bot ([email protected]) - "Discover the astrological forces influencing your life and your destiny.