Dating of the book of revelation romanian dating rules

We date the book of Revelation some time during the end of the reign of Emperor Domitian (AD 95).

There is both internal and external evidence for the dating of the book of Revelation: External evidence is the attestation for the date of Revelation that exists outside of the book.

And we cannot tell if he meant the book was written at the time.

Why grasp for this straw to propose that Revelation was written in 96 AD? It's certainly not something to put your interpretive stocks in.

If Revelation is dated to AD 95, which has been the traditional dating for the last 1,900 years, then this would render preterist obsolete to Bible believers.

Nero's mad acts in Rome against the Christians had nothing to do with the imperial cult.

Under Domitian, who according to the Eastern pattern laid claim to divine honors for himself as emperor during his own lifetime, there arose for the first time the persecution of Christians by the state on religious grounds.

A popular notion concerning the dating of the book of Revelation has been 96 A. He quoted Irenaues, who lived from 130 AD to 202 AD.

The only grounds anyone has for purporting this date are a single statement, quite obscure, written by .