Dating a canadian guy

I've dated a Cdn guy and he wasnt too different from the types of guys you meet in Seattle or CA, it boils down to the character more than the nationality in this comparison- now, if he was Australian or British, (or even a Southerner) yes there would be more of a difference I'd think Who has seen the "Bachelor" on ABC (which I follow) and have noticed each series usually has a couple Canadian gals thrown in the mix?

Either the ratings are high in Canada, the casting recruiters include some Canadians, or they simply just do not consider Canadian gals that different (to be included in a US reality series, the only one I know of, of a US reality series that has contestants from outside the US)i'd think there would be actually more (or at least as much) difference in many ways between a Southern girl and a Northern US girl, than would be between a Canadian and a Northern US gal (or guy)- if you leave political background out of it.

also Canadian women are rather proud of their Government policies such as publicly-funded health care, higher taxation to distribute wealth, outlawing capital punishment, stricter gun control, and legalization of same-sex marriage which they believe are social indicators of how Canada's political and cultural evolution differs from that of the United States.

Few things irritate a Canadian woman as when others mistake their celebrities for Americans.

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