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“In the eyes of the authorities,” Weigel writes, “women who let men buy them food and drinks or gifts and entrance tickets looked like whores, and making a date seemed the same as turning a trick.” After centuries of women’s fortunes being dictated by the men around them, the notion of women on their own gave much of society pause.

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You almost certainly know Bill Murray as a living comedy legend and the internet's second favorite thing behind porn.

The two lived together and were, according to Ryder's Rolling Stone interview, very much protective of each other. It's an area I don't go into." Trivia: N/ADave Grohl (46)Period: 1997Backstory: The two hooked up while Grohl was dating Veruca Salt singer Louise Post.

Kind of funny that word." Trivia: Depp famously had a tattoo placed on his arm which read "Winona Forever." When they broke up, he had it altered to "Wino Forever."Dave Pirner (51)Period: 1993-96Backstory: Winona met Soul Asylum's Pirner at the band's MTV Unplugged concert in 1993.

Rock the Kasbah was released in theaters October 23, 2015 (U.

S.) A young boy, caught in the middle of his parents’ difficult divorce, happens to be the next-door neighbor of Vincent De Van Nuys (Bill Murray) – a particularly wily and unfriendly war veteran with whom he strikes up an improbable friendship.